7-day Global Rescue membership

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Global Rescue 7 

day membership for 9€

  • Purchase the number of days you need total
  • You can combine quantities. For example:
    • x1 five days @ 45€
    • x4 one day @ 9€ each
    • Gives total nine days for 81€
    • Original price would have been $159 for 14 days if bought direct!
  • Be sure to provide us with the following information on checkout, or in a separate email:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Date of Birth (DOB). You must be under 75 years old
    • First date of membership
    • Last date of membership
    • The event you are participating in. It must be listed on Airtribune.
  • You must purchase a minimum of 3 days
  • We do not recommend purchasing more than 14 days in one block as a one month membership would then be cheaper overall.

Travel Memberships provide field rescue to all members and medical advisory, evacuation, and intelligence services for travelers more than 100 miles from home. Security advisory and evacuation coverage upgrades are also available.

Individual Travel Memberships for members of all nationalities under the age of 75


We recommend you purchase either a 30 day or one year membership from the following

30 days membership is $219 USD (approx 180€)

1 year membership is $329 USD (approx 270€)

Global Rescue Membership, through Airtribune


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